Why an instant credit catalogue works!

why should you use an Instant Credit Catalogue

It is not often that home shopping from instant credit catalogues is a subject on main stream TV, but it has been very amusing to hear the Loose Women chat about the horrors of High Street shopping and the terrible state of retailers changing rooms.
Carol McGiffin is a strong believer in shopping from home to avoid the trauma of using disgusting changing rooms and told the panel how easy it is to take to her local store for returns if she does not like the fit.  She stated in her experience changing rooms have bad lighting, never enough room and are not the cleanest of areas to undress in, mentioning the toe curing hairs on the floors and a discarded plaster.  Joining the debate Jane Moore had recently told a retailer that his shop was fantastic, but she never purchased because of the state of his changing room, she happily said he was looking at a refurb after taking her advice.  Jane also mentioned and at one point in her youth, she fell out of a changing room into the shop, dressed only in her underwear after getting tangled in a pair of skinny jeans she was attempting to try on.

An Instant Credit Catalogue can be just the fit!

If these ladies strike a chord with you then an instant credit catalogue is the easiest way to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing without trying on first and never taking back or trying on and not feeling great in the stores changing rooms.  An instant credit catalogue is also the best shopping experience for plus size shopping.  It is bad enough that some changing rooms are communal, but the ones that aren’t are usually squeezed into a tiny storage space with terrible lighting and not enough room to swing a cat. When you are buying clothes with an instant credit catalogue you can try before you buy in the comfort of your own home with your own accessories and your favourite mirror.

Here are a few more benefits that you may not have considered with an instant credit catalogue

  • Try before you buy
  • Easy returns from your home or Click and Collect store
  • Late night ordering for next day delivery
  • No queues at busy tills
  • Great discount codes throughout the year
  • Well-known brand names
  • No parking or fuel costs
  • Instant spend limit
  • Flexible payments

It is no wonder that instant credit catalogues are fast overtaking high street sales when you consider the amount of time you can save while shopping from home.  The instant credit catalogue is now as popular as the grocery shopping that the big supermarkets offer.  In the fast pace of modern living it is now a choice to make time for the important things in life and organising the mundane shopping tasks at time to suit you, in the evening, after the kids are in bed, or a lunchtime during the working day.  The outdated changing rooms situation is just one of the reasons why the instant credit catalogues are a perfect choice for the time poor population.


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