What is Credit Catalogue?

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Catalogue Credit

Shopping in itself can be stressful and time-consuming, whether you’re browsing online or spending a good few hours walking round stores. Sometimes you only want a handful of items as well, but end up spending a lot of your time trying to find them, or getting distracted by the sheer amount of products.

There is no doubt that catalogue shopping does take away a lot of this stress and hassle for you, and provides an easy service that means you get everything you want or need, in the form of a handy book. However, credit catalogues are a little different, and ones that we believe are more beneficial for the everyday shopper.


What is Credit Catalogue?

You may be wondering what exactly credit catalogues are, and how you use them. However you’re not alone, as credit catalogues are a rather new concept, and one that many people are getting more and more used to.

Credit catalogues aim to make your catalogue shopping even easier than it already is, by providing you not only with great products, but you don’t have to pay the cost of your shopping until a later date. This is fantastic if there are items you desperately need, but perhaps don’t have the funds at the right time. Instead of paying for everything at the moment of purchase, you can pay in smaller installments each month to make your catalogue shopping a little easier and more affordable. Credit catalogues work similarly to a loan, in that you are essentially borrowing money, and a small amount of interest will be added over a period of repayments when shopping with us.

Anyone can use a credit catalogue as well. There’s no biased when it comes to who can and can’t use them, so there’s no limit of how much income you need to have in order to sign up for a credit catalogue. People who have a poor credit rating can benefit in particular from using the catalogues, as the payment installments mean that you can keep on top of your spending, and you also won’t be refused due to your credit score. This means that if you have a good credit score, this can help you, and if you have a poor credit rating, then this can be really beneficial to you too when it comes to managing your shopping.

There are also many different types of credit catalogues, so whether you’re looking for new clothes, or maybe gardening tools or more, there will be a catalogue that caters for that. This means that you can spend and save effortlessly on a range of products, and in a range of areas in your life. Not only can you browse a range of catalogues, but you can shop multiple simultaneously , and you’re not bound to one specific credit catalogue. This is fantastic if you’re perhaps looking for a new dining set, but also needing to buy the kids some more school uniform.

You may be wondering how often a credit catalogue can be used, and if there are any limits due to it being based in credit. The great thing about credit catalogues are that there are no limits when it comes to how often they can be used, instead there are restrictions put in place when it comes to people being able to pay their payments back. These restrictions will dictate how much money is spent, so it could be a large purchase or a number of small ones. Being based in the UK as well means that shoppers can be assured that if there are any issues with your purchases, delivery and returns are quick and easy.

We hope by those few points that you can see the benefits of using a credit catalogue, as they are easy to use, with a range of great products, for every shopper, and a payment does not need to be made straight away. Like we’ve said, this is great for those with a good or bad credit score, and those with a good or potentially poor cash flow. You won’t be turned down when it comes to our credit catalogues, no matter your credit score, as we believe that everyone should be able to get the products they need, and not have to worry about paying for them straight away.

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