Understanding Catalogue Credit and How It Works

Catalogue credit instructions

Before signing up for catalogue credit, it’s important to know how everything works. Luckily, catalogue credit is simple and easy to use. Once you have signed up, you’ll find shopping and paying for things an awful lot easier than ever before. We’re sure that once you have used catalogue credit, you won’t want to go back to shopping in any other way. So, how does catalogue credit work? Below we’ve detailed some of the key points to get you started.


How Does Catalogue Credit Work?

  • Shop Using Credit, Rather Than Savings – If you’ve spent a long time building your savings up, you won’t want to dip into them to buy a handful of items. This is where catalogue credit comes into things. When you have catalogue credit, you can shop using credit and not your savings. You’re left with your savings in tact, whilst still being able to shop in the way that you need to. Using catalogue credit also means that you don’t need to wait and save up enough money in advance, you can shop right away and worry about making a payment at a later date.
  • There’s No Credit Check – If you have bad credit, you have probably been turned down for catalogue credit before. At Catalogue Credit, this isn’t something that’s going to happen. In fact, your bad credit won’t hold you back in any way. It doesn’t matter how bad your credit is or how poor your rating is, you won’t be turned down for catalogue credit. This is because we don’t carry out a credit check and we don’t factor a credit check into anything. In fact, we don’t give your credit score a second thought. As long as you can pay the monthly payments, that’s good enough for us.
  • Pay Everything Back Later – When you shop with catalogue credit, you can pay everything back at a later date. There’s no need to worry about being able to afford the things that you need and there’s no need to worry about how much everything costs. Instead, you can pay everything back in small and easy to manage monthly installments. The main point of catalogue credit is to help make shopping more affordable.

Use Catalogue Credit Today
By taking five minute to sign up for catalogue credit, you can be shopping for everything you need later on today. We’re confident when we say that approval for catalogue credit is guaranteed when you come to Catalogue Credit, as well as being confident in our ability to offer instant approval. This means that after you have signed up, you’ll have catalogue credit to use in no time at all. There’s no lengthy delays and there’s no need to wait; this isn’t possible with all forms of credit, but it is possible with our catalogue credit options. When you consider this, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to use catalogue credit. Sign up for catalogue credit today and start shopping.

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