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Catalogue Credit

A bad credit catalogue is not just for fashion, they are full of the latest trends for the home and garden as well.  With Catalogue Credit you can have an amazing £2,500 line of credit without a credit check as long as you have a current UK bank account with a debit card.  Catalogue Credit is not just full of outdated stock or lesser quality items, they are as fashionable and of high quality as any other online retailers. Many of the style magazines and Instagram influencers will now have items that are found in the bad credit catalogues as a matter of normality, now that online shopping and bad credit catalogues account for over 50% of the general retails sales daily across the UK.


Trust in Catalogue Credit

Since the demise of the High Street and the rise of the next day delivery, bad credit catalogues have come into their own, if you consider the reasons below as well as the utter convenience of a catalogue, you will even start to save yourself money.

  • No more spending late nights and weekends shopping instead of spending them with friends and family
  • You can cut out the parking and fuel costs associated with a shopping trip
  • No more aching feet for walking around crowded shopping centres
  • Less family arguments with dragging the children around the shops when they would rather be playing 
  • No heavy shopping bags to carry home 

With Catalogue Credit, you can start to rebuild your credit score and it will not take long before you can really start to see the benefits of that.  If you do not start getting credit your bad credit file will stay exactly as that, bad! Once you are accepted for any form of credit and you keep up with your repayments on time, your credit report will start to show you as a responsible lender and your credit score will start to heal.

You are able to find the very bad credit catalogues with Catalogue Credit, and once accepted you can even get a bad credit mobile phone contract from our sister company, Accepted Mobile, with your data and airtime all in one easy to understand payment each month, again without the need for a credit check.

  • Grattan
  • Littlewoods
  • Look Again
  • Fashion World
  • Studio
  • JD Williams

You will also have the very best in delivery options when you sign up to Catalogue Credit, from next day, stated day and standard.  The majority of catalogues will also have Hermes Click and Collect, where you can collect your parcels from a late night local store.  A bad credit catalogue is convenient as well as good for your credit file. 

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