Tips For Managing Your Instant Catalogue Credit

Catalogue Credit TOP TIPS

Most people who sign up for instant catalogue credit do so without a lot of knowledge about managing things. This can lead to confusion and late payments, neither of which you’ll want. Managing your instant catalogue credit isn’t difficult, as long as you have a basic understanding of how everything works. To give you the best shot of managing everything well, we have listed some of our top tips


How to Manage Your Instant Catalogue Credit With Ease

There are a lot of great tips for managing instant catalogue credit. Here are some of the best:


  • Be Mindful of How Much You Are Spending – Though instant catalogue credit is there to help you spend more than you can immediately afford, you should always stay aware of what you are spending. If you spend too much, you may struggle to keep up with repayments and this can result in additional costs. So, be mindful of how much you are spending and how much you’ll have to pay back eventually. This will make the entire process of using instant catalogue credit a lot easier.


  • Keep On Top of Your Repayments – Once you have used instant catalogue credit, you’ll have to pay it back. This won’t happen straight away, as repayments are made over the course of months or even years. Repayments are affordable, but there is often added interest which you will need to be aware of. Luckily, keeping on top of repayments is easy. With a little bit of planning, it’s easy to know how much instant catalogue credit you’re paying back and when.


  • Take Advantage of Incentives and Deals – As there are a lot of credit catalogues to choose from, most of them offer incentives and deals in order to entice you in. These are great to take advantage of, as they can save you money. Incentives can include offers such as interest free payment periods, free delivery and even certain percentages off the retail price. If you shop around, you’ll see just how many incentives and deals are on offer.


  • Use More Than One Credit Catalogue – There are so many instant credit catalogues out there, but you don’t need to choose just one. In fact, a lot of people use more than one credit catalogue on a regular basis. By doing so, you’ll have even more items to choose from. There’s no limit of as to how many credit catalogues you can use, which is why we’d encourage you to use as many as you need to. If you want to use two or three, do!


It’s important not to assume that managing instant catalogue is difficult, as it really isn’t. By taking the time to really think about what you’re buying and what you’re paying, it can be an easy and simple way to shop. This is why instant catalogue credit is so popular. To get started or to find out more about using instant catalogue credit, get in touch. Alternatively, browse our wide range of credit catalogues online.

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