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Bad Credit Catalogue

Why let a bad credit label stop you from enjoying life like everyone else, it is not the end of the world as long as you know where to look for credit.  At Catalogue Credit we know how a bad credit file can hold you back and we fully intend to make sure that everyone knows how to get around the problem. By applying today for a bad credit catalogue from Catalogue Credit, you can not only have up to £2,500 to spend on bad credit catalogues you can also choose from one of the latest Smartphones on a bad credit contract as well.  Imagine, no more pay as you go top ups and a new wardrobe to boot!


The latest trend with Catalogue Credit

If all this sounds too good to be true then have a look at the great feedback on Catalogue Credit that we have from real people, just like you who had the same issues, and just wanted a helping hand when the credit reference agencies had them on the blacklist forever.  It is a crying shame that we are judged by a computer and never looked at as individuals with real life stores to be heard.  

At the moment all of the catalogues are having massive sale events where they are stocking up for Autumn and Winter and therefore there are huge savings to be made on all the Spring and Summer lines.  If you are a savvy shopper your credit limit can buy you so much more. If you have holidays planned over the school breaks, then now is the best time to stock up on beach wear and casual fun clothes for the whole family as well as getting back to school ready for September.  You will find the money that you can save now will be invaluable when it comes to managing your finances later in the year.

With Catalogue Credit we completely understand how bad credit catalogues work and that’s how we can offer you such high credit limits from the start without making you jump though hoops and making you wait weeks for decisions. Our decision is always yes, and you will get that answer in minutes! 

Catalogue Credit can handle all of your credit needs from bad credit catalogues to bad credit mobile phone contracts all in one place, we will make sure you are treated with respect and not as a second class citizen as most people with bad credit have found themselves being treated in the past.  Catalogue Credit are probably the best way forward for anyone with a bad credit situation as we are able to make sure you are accepted in minutes and with credit checks and no fuss!

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