The best deals with Catalogue Credit

Catalogue Credit

When you sign up to Catalogue Credit you will be impressed enough with the amazing £2,500 credit limit that you

will be given to spend in your great bad credit catalogues, but when you have a look at some of the massive end of

summer discounts you could pretty much double that in savings. With never having to undergo a credit check either!


The best deals with Catalogue Credit

The best of the bad credit catalogues can all be found at Catalogue Credit, look at the great well known names

below, you will recognise them as being the popular instant credit catalogues advertised on the TV and internet and

would never have guessed they accepted bad credit customers.

  • JD Williams
  • Simply Be
  • Next
  • Very
  • Look Again
  • Kaleidoscope


At Catalogue Credit we give you access to as many of them as you wish as long as you can afford your monthly

repayments. You may be wondering how you are able to get all this credit when you have a less than perfect credit

score, quite simply, at Catalogue Credit we bypass the credit search and take your repayments directly from your

debit card linked to your bank account. This means that we don’t need to worry about some silly score that will

show us that you had a problem with finances a while back, who hasn’t?


There are more then just the fantastic sales that will help you to save money when you use bad credit catalogues,

check out these other benefits that you have probably never even realised: –

  • Free delivery bonus codes
  • Free click and collect over £40 orders
  • No car park charges – shop from home
  • Flash online sales – up to 70% off
  • Regular discount codes – up to 30%

Just the fact that you can find almost everything apart from your supermarket groceries from Catalogue Credit,

means that you will be less tempted by the impulse buy that we all know so well, the extra £10 pound spent with

little thought and added to the trolley, and then into the wardrobe, never to be worn. With bad credit catalogue

shopping, you have a 2 week period where you can return at no cost and collected from your front door. You may

not notice straight away but small savings over a long period of time certainly do add up. With being able to spread

your payments you can start to manage your budget better as well as being able to live in the moment and enjoy the

things you desire without having to forego something else.


Catalogue Credit can be one of the best moves you make and if you apply today you will be accepted today, and you

can stop worrying about how you will manage the rest of the year. Let Catalogue Credit be your cushion.

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