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By Catalogue Credit
Catalogue Credit

Its not too late to think about a late summer holiday and Catalogue Credit has the perfect opportunity to be able to buy the wardrobe to go with it.  If you have suffered with a bad credit file for years, then now is the best time to start thinking about giving it a fresh credit injection that in turn will kick start your credit file into showing that you are a responsible lender again.  It is sad, but without any credit your credit file will stay as it is, in the low numbers, as it has nothing new to judge your repayment ability by. As soon as you apply to Catalogue Credit, you will have a very quick decision which, as long as you have a current UK bank account with a debit card, will always be a YES!

If you apply for your bad credit catalogues from Catalogue Credit today, within days you can be having your purchases delivered to your door and you can stop worrying about how to cater for any much needed purchases and start to manage your budget.  You will also be stress free knowing that you have a little cushion of credit for any unforeseen needs.

The best September with catalogue credit

The bad credit catalogues that you are able to order from with Catalogue Credit are shown here below, they all have great interest free periods where, as long a you pay off your purchases within 4 months, you will only pay the initial price without any added interest.

  • Very.Co.UK
  • Grattan
  • Freemans
  • Fashion World
  • JD Williams
  • Studio
  • Crazy Clearance
  • Next

You will be very surprised that these catalogues are available for bad credit as they are well known mainstream retailers and your perceptions of a bad credit catalogue will be changed forever once you apply to Catalogue Credit and get your guaranteed acceptance without a credit check.

At Catalogue Credit we will never carry out a credit check as your debit card will be set up to make all repayments directly, but it will show on your credit file as a positive sign and this will start to show.  In a short space of time you will be surprised how quickly that your damaged credit file will start to heal itself.  

If you apply for your bad credit catalogues with Catalogue Credit you will also be guaranteed a mobile phone contract for bad credit with our sister site, Accepted Mobile. If you are still using a pay as you go phone sim, then this could be just the ticket as well for boosting your credit file as we will never carry out a credit check for a bad credit phone contract or bad credit catalogues. 


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