Great reasons for a bad credit catalogue

Reasons for a Bad Credit Catalogue

If you have had any credit issues in the past you may find that applying for any type of credit has become very hard. As bad credit catalogue can be the first step to getting back on the credit ladder. As well as fitting in comfortably with your budget, a bad credit catalogue has many other benefits here are great reasons to consider open a personal account with any of the reputable and trusted bad credit catalogues shown on our website.

Simple and easy application process

To open a personal account with a bad credit catalogue you will need to be over 18 years of age and have a regular income, you income can include regular benefit payments, you will need a permanent address history and hold a UK bank account.

Decision in minutes

Once you fill in the application form for a bad credit catalogue, you will be given a decision in minutes, with a poor credit score you will be given a small amount from between £150 -£300 as your initial spend limit.

Simple On-line Personal Account

Once accepted for a bad credit catalogue, you will have instant access to your personal credit account and here you will find your credit limit, your recent payments, you can track your orders and you can arrange easy returns. Most bad credit catalogues will have a convenient phone app as well as easy to use websites which makes lifevery easy when you can manage your account when you are on the go.

Interest Free purchasing

A bad credit catalogue will always have an interest charge for spreading payments over 4 months, and they can vary between each catalogue. It is only if you choose to spread your payments that this will ever be added to your account. The beauty of a bad credit catalogue is that you can pay off your purchases within this time and still only pay the initial price for your item.

Fantastic Delivery and easy Returns options

With a bad credit catalogue, you will always have a great choice of delivery options. Catalogues such as Grattan and Freemans have free standard delivery at all times which can be a great saving if you intend to have a lot of deliveries. The majority of the rest will have standard, next day or selected day delivery from £3.49, but will also have a yearly delivery option for less than £10 per year. Whatever your chosen delivery, any returns are free. You can also opt for the Hermes Click and Collect system that allows you to collect or return parcels to your local convenience store.

Helping to improve your credit score

If you keep your bad credit catalogue in good order not only will your catalogue send limit increase from month to month, your steady repayments will show on your account for future creditors which will help you to rebuild a file or give you foot up on the credit ladder.

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