Fill up your suitcase with Catalogue Credit

By Bad Credit Catalogue
Catalogue Credit

It is at this time of year when the best of the last minute holiday sales are online, and it is time to grab yourself a bargain.  Here is where Catalogue Credit can help. With a guarantee of no credit checks and a massive £2,500 credit limit to spend in the fantastic bad credit catalogues, some of which are listed below, you have nothing to worry about but topping up your tan and ordering another cocktail from the pool bar!

  • Grattan
  • Freemans
  • Look Again
  • Fashion World
  • Jacamo
  • Simply Be

Fill up your suitcase with Catalogue Credit

You could be jetting off with a jam packed suitcase full of new holiday gear all from your bad credit catalogues that will not only be making sure that you have your holiday spends in hand right now to make sure that you can enjoy yourself without having to penny pinch, but also making sure you are styling out the latest trends from the beach to the bars.

Catalogue Credit have just about every possible holiday need covered in the bad credit catalogues that you will have full access to with just 10 minutes of a guaranteed application as long as you have a debit card. Take a look at what you can find in a bad credit catalogue: –

  • Suitcases
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Party outfits
  • Beauty products
  • Sandals/flip flops
  • Beach towels
  • Passport covers

You shouldn’t feel too guilty having a holiday while you have a poor credit file and taking on a bad credit catalogue with Catalogue Credit because you are actually doing yourself a big favour. You could carry on for years with a bad credit record but until you start taking on credit again and showing that you are a responsible lender and can make the repayments on time, your credit file will never start to get better.  When you consider that Catalogue Credit will never carry out a credit check you have nothing to lose, there will never be a negative footprint left on your file and it is completely up to you if you choose to spend your credit limit or not!

You do not have to take the entire amount of credit all at once from the bad credit catalogues from Catalogue Credit but having the comfort of knowing that it is there is invaluable, especially when you have been living without credit for a while.  When you are able to spread your payments in line with your budget you can actually manage your finances better. This is why people who have had credit issues in the past are usually the ones who end up being the ones with the best credit files in the long run!

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