Fantastic discounts using bad credit catalogues

Bad Credit Catalogue Discount

If you are amongst the many of us who have suffered with finances in the past you may think that a bad credit catalogue will cost the earth in the long run. This is very far from the truth in reality. Catalogue Credit can not only save you money they can also help to rebuild a poor credit history. If you can provide the following for an eligibility check, you can start applying for a bad credit catalogue straight away.

Qulaifying criteria for a Bad Credit Catalogue

  • Over 18
  • Stable address history for 5 years
  • Current UK bank account
  • Regular income

A credit check will always be carried out but with the eligibility check the lending decision is based on your ability to repay now, rather than your credit history past. You can apply online, 24 hours a day and you are given a decision in minutes. As the general rule seems to be that the higher the interest rate being charged by the catalogue the more likely a bad credit application will be accepted. If you think your credit history is very poor you may be better to apply for a bad credit catalogue such as Fashion World or Premier Man, with an interest rate of 58%APR first. If you are rejected by them, it is likely that you will be rejected by the others and therefore you should check your credit file against identity fraud or outdated information. Shown below are the best bad credit catalogues on the market, along with the interest rates being charged on outstanding payments once the interest free period is over.

  • Fashion World 70%APR
  • Marisota                   70%APR
  • Premier Man 70%APR
  • JD Williams 90%APR
  • Curvissa                   40%APR
  • Freemans 90%APR
  • Grattan 90%APR
  • Kaleidoscope 90%APR
  • Look Again 90%APR
  • Bon Prix                   90%APR
  • Swimwear365 90%APR
  • Next 90%APR

Many of the bad credit catalogues above will have fantastic joining discounts of up to 30% with great free delivery options to boot when opening a personal credit account. A clever shopper will also use the many discount codes emailed throughout the year to use on more expensive items and doing this you can find you have saved a lot of money against High Street prices for the same well known brands.

To make it clear, the interest rates charged by bad credit catalogues only comes into effect if the items purchased are not paid in full by the interest free period has expired. There is usually a period of 20 weeks or 4 months of interest free credit. If you only ever pay the minimum amount each month, which could be as little as £5.00 per month for a £200 credit limit, you will end up paying the added interest. However, if you are in a position to pay your items in full within the interest free period, not only will your spend limit increase rapidly, your credit file will start to show a responsible lender. This will be seen by future creditors to your advantage especially when applying for credit cards or loans.




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