Ease Lockdown Blues With Bad Credit Catalogues

Catalogues for bad credit

Having to deal with all the lockdown precautions can make staying at home less enjoyable, especially if there are items or products you need but aren’t able to get ahold of them easily. Even a weekly food shop can be a daunting and stressful prospect if the shelves in shops are empty, and there’s lots of people about. That’s why we believe that for the foreseeable future, home delivered and online bad credit catalogues orders at Catalogue Credit are the way forward!

Here at Catalogue Credit we can offer you hundreds of online bad credit catalogues to choose from. This not only makes it easier to get everything you need during this difficult time, but if you suffer from bad credit also, then we believe we’re the site for you.

Catalogue Credit poses you great offers if you suffer from bad credit or cannot pay for all of your shopping immediately. We believe in rewarding you with great benefits, and have tried to outline them in these three basic points below. Our bad credit catalogues shopping includes:

  • Zero credit checks
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • An easy 3 minute set-up

Here at Catalogue Credit, we understand how difficult life can be if you suffer from a low or bad credit score. Obtaining a loan or mortgage, and even shopping, can be difficult if businesses or banks think you may be behind on repayments. But we offer every single one of our customers zero credit checks and therefore a 100% approval rate. Credit checks are not important to us due to us offering goods and services to the majority of our customers who have bad credit. Due to this universal trait, we therefore don’t believe your credit score in being an important factor when setting up an account with us.

Signing up with us is easy, and only takes just 3 minutes as long as you have a debit card. You can be set-up for a bad credit catalogue account with us today, and reap these benefits instantly. We offer catalogues on leading brands including Apple, Toshiba and Sony as well as everyday products if you’re looking to do your weekly shop. Our thousands of customers are incredibly happy with their service with us, and we are constantly updating our catalogues to bring you the latest and greatest products to choose from.

If you’re not able to pay for your bad credit catalogue shopping straight away, then you don’t need to worry about this either. We offer a buy now pay later scheme where you can get all of the products you need, and pay in instalments, or altogether at a later date when you can. To have the ability to buy now and pay later is a welcome relief to many and it is little wonder that the majority of households in the UK now have a credit catalogue account. This means that you can get all of the items you need and spread your budgeting costs evenly.

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