Convenient bad credit catalogues

Convenient bad credit catalogues

Bad credit catalogues are becoming the solution to many peoples every day credit problems. Bad credit catalogues are not
widely advertised but are, in the majority, most of the instant credit catalogue already available online. The easiest way to
find out if you will be accepted is to look at the interest rates each catalogues has. The higher the interest rate, the more
likely you will be accepted. For example, 58.70% APR with Fashion World against 18.90% APR with John Lewis. The John
Lewis bad credit catalogue is linked to MasterCard. This card can be used over the internet or in stores, and you can also
have cash advances through cashpoints. As the credit limit is quite high and are governed by slightly different authorities
they may refuse credit to those with a very poor credit score. The Fashion World bad credit catalogue has a looser criteria
and with an eligibly check to make sure you can make the monthly repayments. This allows them to take applicants with a
poor credit score and extend credit of a lower value and with showing good repayments they will increase your credit limit
gradually. The bad credit catalogues shown here are listed with the current interest rates.

• Next – 22.90%APR
• Swimwear365 – 34.90%APR
• Bon Prix – 34.90%APR
• Look Again – 34.90%APR
• Freemans – 34.90%APR
• Grattan – 34.90%APR
• Kaleidoscope – 34.90%APR
• JD Williams – 39.90%APR
• Curvissa – 39.40%APR
• Marisota – 58.70%APR
• Premier Man – 58.70%APR
• Fashion World – 58.70%APR

The interest rates offered by bad credit catalogues can seem to be very high, and this is why many people believe that
using a catalogue will be the mot expensive way to shop. Nothing is further from the truth when a bad credit catalogue us
being used wisely. The interest rates apply if the minimum amount only is being repaid. If you pay your account in full
before the interest free period, usually 20 weeks from delivery, then the interest is never charged. If you use a bad credit
catalogue in conjunction with the regular discount codes, or from the flash sales that you will be emailed, then you can
actually find the very same goods from the High Street at much lower prices.

Another myth of catalogue shopping is that you can only find own brand names or goods of a cheaper or lesser quality
than you find out and about in the town centres. If you consider the amount of time that a shopping trip takes, against
scrolling through well ordered and well described items on your laptop, table or phone at a time that suit you day or night,
home shopping starts to become very attractive. Some of the brands below are both found on the High Street and bad
credit catalogues, but a lot of the fashion ranges have exclusive only collections that are never found anywhere else but


Brands available via a Bad Credit Catalogue

• Bang & Olufsen
• Hotpoint
• Nike
• Levi’s
• Apple
• Sony
• Ben Sherman
• Kenwood
• Zanussi
• Joe Brown
• Samsung
• Adidas

Your every need is catered for with a bad credit catalogue, from clothing for the family and on trend cutting edge fashion
to the latest in mobile phones and Smart TV’s.

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