Clear the way with a bad credit catalogue

Catalogue Credit

A bad credit catalogue from Catalogue Credit can be just the ticket if you are one of the many people across the UK who have a poor credit rating.  We promise not only that you will be accepted within less than 10 minutes, but we will not be carrying out a credit search on your credit file either.  As long as you have a debit card that we can take your repayments for your bad credit catalogues from, that is all we need so you will not have to worry another rejection.           


Clear the way with a bad credit catalogue

It is at this time of year that having a poor credit score can really start to have an impact on your life.  You have managed to make it through the summer holidays and getting the kids back to school with all the expense that goes along with that, and now you are probably left flat knowing that Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to start saving up again.  There is never a break! Catalogue Credit can make life so much easier for you in the coming months. You are able to budget with your bad credit catalogues in line with your finances and in doing so start to fix your damaged credit file at the same time.      


There are more reasons these days to shop from home than ever from a bad credit catalogue with Catalogue Credit not just because you can have a £2,500 line of credit to spend immediately but also for the time and money saving motives below as well:

  • Spending more time with the family rather than in crowded shopping centres
  • Saving money on car parks and transport costs
  • Keeping up with the latest trends in home and fashion
  • Next day delivery
  • Great discount codes
  • Regular flash sales of up to 70% 
  • Easy returns, straight from your door
  • Instant credit limit
  • Try before you buy


If you are serious about trying to fix your credit score, then you need to get yourself some credit.  A bad credit catalogue from Catalogue Credit could be the first step in the right direction you have taken in years.  You do not have to take all the credit offered, but it is good to know that when you need it most it is there. Who knows when you may need a new kettle, or the kids need new trainers or shoes?  Catalogue Credit is there for you and your family’s needs and rejection for credit is a thing of the past. Get applying for your bad credit catalogue today and in the blink of an eye you can be ordering from Catalogue Credit and fixing your credit score at the same time!       


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