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Who doesn't want to go on a clothes shopping spree, buy something new for the garden..a few flower pots and some garden furniture, some new bed covers and a couple of bed side table lamps maybe...and a few fancy cushions to go on the bed, the newest and coolest computer games to keep up with your gaming friends, the latest smartphone or even a top of the range laptop or enormous HD television?  The only problem is, most of us don't have the budget to be able to buy these things; certainly not if the goods are needed urgently.

What if your current television has just blown up and you're right in the middle of binge watching Game of Thrones!?  Cliff hangers are frustrating at the best of times but when it's an unexpected one in the middle of a season you'll want to replace that television as soon as possible!  And if you're going to get a new television, you might as well splash out and get a top of the range ultra HD one.  Think how great the special effects on your favourite tv show will look!  The only problem is, you don't have a couple of thousand pounds lying around to be able to do this.  Your credit card is maxed out (you just HAD to go on that holiday with all your mates in Magaluf two months ago) so you're a bit stuck.  You can't ask your parents to lend you the money.  They don't believe in borrowing money and think, if you want something, you should save up for it in advance thereby avoiding paying any interest and getting yourself into debt.  How very old fashioned.  Sensible, but old fashioned.  You can't ask for an increase on your credit card limit for that amount.  What are you going to do!?

Catalogue credit to the rescue!

What you may not know is that, there are many catalogues that will offer instant credit.  Sometimes without a credit check, which is great if you are rubbish at keeping up with the monthly payments on your credit card because you keep forgetting to set up a direct debit and your credit rating has suffered slightly.  You do have the money to be able to cover the minimum monthly payments but if you can't remember to set up a direct debit, why would you remember to make a payment every month?  Maybe if you didn't spend all your spare time watching Game of Thrones you might remember.  Or maybe you need a secretary.

Anyway, catalogue credit may be the answer to your television problem.  It's easy to apply for instant catalogue credit and it can be done online with minimal hassle.  It's also very quick...not that spare time is an issue now that you don't have a television!  So, if you can remember that you need to go online to go through the application process, instant catalogue credit could be yours in a few minutes!  You can also set up a direct debit at a point during the application process so you won't have to remember to go online to set that up at a later date.  So, you won't have to worry about your monthly payments to cover the catalogue credit.  How great is that?  You can then get straight on with ordering a fancy new television which will take up most of one of the walls in your flat but will be totally worth it.  If you choose express delivery, your television could be with you the next day!

Depending on how much catalogue credit you are given, you might be able to order a sound bar and speakers to go with your new television.  You can have surround sound in your own living room.  Your neighbours may not be very pleased but you'd never have to go to the cinema again!

So, here's how you do it and what you'll need.  If you don't have a particular catalogue in mind from which you'd like to buy your new television, just search for "catalogue credit" in Google and it will bring up links to sites that will offer just that.  You can then choose one that will cover the amount you will need to buy your television.  You'll be taken to an online application form in which you'll enter your personal information, including name, address, employment status, name of employer and monthly or annual income (the catalogue has to make sure you have a regular source of income so that you can afford the monthly payments).  Take your time completing the form and make sure that you enter your details carefully.

If the company providing the catalogue credit wants to carry out a credit check, this will cause a very slight delay in obtaining the decision but you can stay online whilst you wait, it really doesn't take much longer than applications for catalogue credit where the company doesn’t require a credit check.  The amount of catalogue credit you are given will sometimes depend on the results from your credit check.  If no credit check is required, the amount of credit will depend on your personal circumstances (taking into account details like your monthly or annual income) and there are also solutions such as Catalogues for Bad Credit.

Some of the prime catalogues and Bad Credit Catalogues offer discounts for new customers.  Sometimes the code is provided on the website, sometimes it is emailed to you when you sign up for the account and sometimes it is applied automatically when you check out with your chosen goods in your online shopping basket.  This means you may be able to get an even better television that you were hoping for!  20% off £2,000 is a nice saving!  You could use that saving to pay off your neglected credit card, but that's no fun is it?  If you know you can afford the monthly payments (taking any interest applied into account) then why not splash out and use the whole amount of your catalogue credit to treat yourself to a few other items?  A cool new outfit and an awesome pair of new shoes in which to sit on your sofa watching Game of Thrones when your new television arrives?  Very nice.  You'll be the envy of...well...nobody if you're at home alone.  But you'll know how good you look, and that's what counts.

So, as you'll see, catalogue credit not only gives you back the ability to immerse yourself in a fantasy world through your television, it can give you a whole new look!  You're only limited to what is in the catalogue but there is a huge choice of clothing, household, electricals, garden and children's items to choose from.

If you keep up with your monthly payments (which you will because you set up the direct debit when you applied for the catalogue credit, remember?), then your limit may increase and you can buy more things as your balance goes down and your limit goes up!  Super.  Just remember that the monthly payments will increase as your balance increases.

So, if you can bring yourself to spend a few minutes searching for a suitable catalogue that offers catalogue credit, completing the application form, ordering your new television, sound bar and speakers, and fancy outfit and shoes, you will be back watching your favourite television show and annoying your neighbours with the noise from your awesome speakers, and doing it whilst looking fly in your new clothes.  Happy days.

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