Catalogue Credit In UK

Catalogue Credit saving the day

So, you’ve just heard from your mate’s wife, Shakira, that your girlfriend is hoping for a proposal this Valentine’s day. That’s fine in itself, you assumed after two years it would come up and you had been thinking of proposing soon anyway, but you don’t have the money to buy an engagement ring and you can’t ask your girlfriend to marry you without presenting her with a sparkly ring! So, what to do?

Well, as it happens, you heard from your parents’ neighbours, Bill and Joan, that there are some catalogues that do catalogue credit where you can buy things on credit and pay them off monthly. Bill and Joan bought most of their lovely floral print furniture and curtains for their new bungalow through catalogue credit UK and paid it off gradually. You also vaguely recall that your parents bought their garden sunbeds, wooden table and chair set and blow up jacuzzi last summer using catalogue credit UK because they just HAD to keep up with Josh and Sally from the Bridge Club who had just had a garden makeover which included installation of a hot tub. So that sort of catalogue credit arrangement sounds like it would likely work if you can find a catalogue that provides catalogue credit that sells rings. Great!

The other issue, though, is that you don’t have the best credit rating. BUT! luckily, you heard from your mate John down the pub that that are providers of catalogue credit for people who don’t have a very good credit score. John’s girlfriend, Janine, used a bad credit catalogue to buy lots of new clothes and shoes for a girly weekend away. There was no way that Janine was going to be outdone by her fancy mate, Chantelle, when they went off to Blackpool to paint the town red! A bad credit catalogue sounds like it would sell engagement rings if it sells clothes and shoes!

So, you get your computer out (Mick, who owns the butchers up the road, got you a good deal on that) and you go online and have a look for catalogue credit UK to see if you can find what you’re looking for and to see how this catalogue credit thing works. Searching for catalogue credit UK showed various catalogues that offer instant credit but many of them want you to go through a credit check, which is no good as you’re not sure if your score will be good enough to get sufficient catalogue credit with which to purchase an engagement ring. So, you carry on searching rather than attempting to apply for catalogue credit with a chance of being turned down.

Catalogue Credit In UK

Searching for bad credit catalogue, however, brings up more results for pages offering catalogue credit to people with a bad credit rating which promise instant catalogue credit with no credit check. Fantastic! You just hope the catalogue credit offered is enough to get a ring that doesn’t look like it’s come out of a Christmas cracker! You cross your fingers and look for how to apply for the catalogue credit.

Going through the application process for the bad credit catalogue you choose is easy and relatively quick. You don’t have to fill in any sections about your credit score (phew!) and you know the details that you need to input off the top of your head so you don’t have to go rooting around in your paperwork to find things which is great. You need to put your name, address, current employment status, employer’s name and your current yearly salary. The amount of catalogue credit you are offered through the bad credit catalogue will depend on how much the catalogue deems you can afford to pay back based on how much money you earn. The easiest option for you is to pay back the cost of the engagement ring that you’re hoping to order on a monthly basis and you see there is an option to set up a direct debit for monthly payments when you’re filling out the online application form so you go ahead and put your bank details in and set that up.

It says interest will be added if you want to pay monthly but that’s fine. It’s slightly higher on bad credit catalogues than getting catalogue credit UK because of the lack of credit check on the bad credit catalogues, increasing the risk to the catalogue credit provider. It’s still better than having to wait to propose whilst saving up the money for a ring and risking upsetting your girlfriend. What if she got bored of waiting while you were saving and went off with that guy from her work she’s recently starting going on about!? Just because he goes to the gym and is apparently the funniest guy in the office doesn’t make him better than me. That scenario doesn’t even bear thinking about!

It all rests on whether your application is approved so you stop thinking about what could happen if you don’t propose and you carry on with completing the form. Seems so simple as you’re finishing it you’re not sure if you’ve put in all the information needed for a proper application for catalogue credit. The system accepts it, though, and everything seems to be going along smoothly. A few seconds later you get your decision….approved! The catalogue credit you have been offered on the bad credit catalogue is certainly enough, you think, to get a decent engagement ring (although your girlfriend might disagree!). Super! You can’t believe how easy that was.

So, you go to the wedding section of the online catalogue and start browsing through the engagement ring section. You choose the one you want to buy, add it to your basket, state that you want to add it to your catalogue credit account (you’ve already set up your direct debit so there aren’t any bank details to input at this stage) and complete the purchase. How exciting! Now all you have to do is propose to your lovely girlfriend…..and hope she says yes!

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