Catalogue credit in the UK

Catalogue Credit

Catalogue credit, also known as a ‘shopping account’ or a ‘mail order account,’ is a new way of buying goods, without having to worry about cost because, with catalogue credit, the cost is spread out over weeks or months. Your goods are usually shipped to you direct from a large variety of online websites. You can apply for catalogue credit on your own or you can go through an agent who you usually know reasonably well for example; friend or relative.

Applying for catalogue credit is easy as long as you have a clear credit history, however if you do not, you still have a fairly good chance of being given credit to spend. If you need to improve your credit score there are multiple things you can do; make sure that you have registered your name on the electoral roll, check that there are no mistakes on your report that might be preventing you from having a good credit rating. If there are mistakes, ensure that you report these mistakes to the credit reference agency. You should check if you are linked to another person with a joint account because if you are, their bad credit could be bringing your chances down. Before applying for catalogue credit, you should clear any debt you have outstanding as if you currently have debt, your chances of being credit are very limited. Finally, if you have been living in the same house for reasonably long time, this is seen as a very good sign for catalogue credit agencies.

Once you have achieved a good catalogue credit rating, you will need to make sure you keep up a good credit rating you can do this by; paying all your bills on time and making sure you don’t miss any payments, no matter how small. It is also important not to apply for multiple credit applications all at once because it might seem to the agencies that you are struggling money-wise. If you use credit cards reasonably frequently but make sure to pay it back every time, this is a very good sign for agencies because it shows that you are reliable and not extremely short on cash.

If you complete all of this, it is highly likely that you will be accepted for catalogue credit so here are some things to consider when spending your credit; make sure you pay it back in full and on time because the agencies have the power to reduce your limit or stop lending to you full stop. You should also make your you don’t spend credit if you are unable to pay it back because then you will be landed in a pile of debt which will be extremely difficult to pay off because the longer you leave it un-payed, the more it will cost you.

When it comes to ordering your desired item all you have to do is go on the website or flick through the catalogue of your choice and finish the steps on the check out page.

Refused Catalogue Credit?

If you have been refused for catalogue credit then do not worry. In the last 5 years Catalogues for Bad Credit have come onto the scene ensuring everyone can obtain the credit they are looking for. By using your are 100% guaranteed to get accepted even if you have CCjs or Defaults. This service provides Instant Catalogue Credit to deliver you your account within 15 minutes of starting your application.

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