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Bad credit catalogue

For a no nonsense approach to credit then apply to Catalogue Credit today for a guaranteed acceptance and a promise of no credit checks carried out ever!  At Catalogue Credit we have the very best in bad credit catalogues for you to shop from without fear of being rejected.

Having a bad credit file need not mean the end of credit for years, in fact the easiest way to build up your credit score again is to take on credit and make your repayments on time and in good order.  If you have been rejected for credit, then we would strongly advise not to keep trying as further rejected searches will make matters a whole lot worse. If you have a UK bank account with a debit card, then that is all you need to be guaranteed acceptance to our huge range of bad credit catalogues and a £2,500 spend limit.


Guaranteed acceptance with Catalogue Credit

The bad credit catalogues we have on our site are shown below, but with some such as Look Again, there are also sister catalogues that you are able to order from as well with just the one account.  This gives you a huge shopping arena and there is not much apart from fresh groceries that cannot be purchased with Catalogue Credit.

  • Look Again 
  • JD Williams
  • Fashion World
  • Studio
  • Simply Be
  • Grattan
  • Freemans
  • Next

If you thought that getting a bad credit catalogue was only as a last resort then it is time to think again, as all the Catalogues here are the mainstream instant credit catalogues and the quality of the items on sale are second to none and the prices just as competitive as your local High Street.  Catalogue Credit work on the same terms as any other catalogue, you still have an interest free period, and as long as you make your repayments on time your credit rating will star to increase as you are showing you are a responsible lender again.

Don’t wait any longer for your credit score to start increasing as it has nothing to show anything has changed unless you start getting some form of credit.  Even if you do not use the credit limit you are given, it will still show as a credit on your account and that is how you credit file will start to heal. Apply today and you could be taking delivery of your new purchases within a day or two.  You are fully covered by all the rules and regulations of the usual distance selling regulations, but apart from that your personal accounts with Catalogue Credit will kick start your damaged credit score and that is priceless.

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