Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now pay later has become the consumers financing of choice when it comes to buy tech goods and gadgets. Never before have you been able to use a buy now pay later service for buying groceries and food in order to spread the cost of your weekly or monthly shopping. That’s until now, introducing Flavva the UK”s first ever buy now pay later online supermarket.

No credit check is required when accessing your instant online credit. Everyone that signs up will receive £40 guaranteed new customer credit to spend in store meaning that life really does taste better with Flavva.

Discount food and unbelievable offers await and the best bit of all is that the goods are delivered straight to your door. If you upgrade the Flavva benefits you will also open up even more ranges of fantastic offers and FREE postage.

Buy now pay later interest free

Applying for your buy now pay later account takes less than 3 minutes with instant approval for everyone. No credit checks are carried out and even those with bad credit will be accepted. The credit is interest free and staggered over the month so you will not get into financial difficulties.

Once you complete your payments from you first order you will be rewarded with £60 interest free credit. This process will happen every time you complete an order cycle until you hit the top credit line of £100 instant interest free credit.

If you are interested in receiving £40 Instant interest free credit click here