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Bad Credit Catalogue

Lets Discover ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Bad Credit Catalogues

One of the key things that attracts people to bad credit catalogues is the ‘buy now pay later’ options that they have. Instead of having to find the funds and pay for items at the point of purchase, you’re able to pay much smaller amounts over the course of a number of months; this could be anywhere up to 12 months or even 24 months. It’s this ‘buy now, pay later’ option that keeps credit catalogues as one of the most popular ways to shop.


Why Are Credit Catalogues So Popular?

Though credit catalogues have been around for a number of years, their popularity has recently increased in an impressive way. This is because more and more shoppers are realising that using catalogue credit is beneficial. Plus, there are now more credit catalogues to choose from than ever before. So, rather than being aimed at a specific type of shopper, credit catalogues can be used by all. The bulk of this popularity stems from the fact that credit catalogues offer a ‘buy now, pay later’ option. ‘Buy now, pay later’ is a fantastic way to buy the items you need. Whether you’re desperate for a new sofa or you need a kitchen appliance urgently, ‘buy now, pay later’ solves the problem of having to find the funds quickly.


Another reason why credit catalogues are so popular, is that there are a lot of different catalogues to choose from. A lot of people initially assume that credit catalogues are centred around one type of product, but this isn’t the case at all. Simply, there’s a bad credit catalogue for everything. There are credit catalogues specialising in womenswear and credit catalogues specialising in menswear. Then, there are others than focus on children’s toys and clothes or homeware. This impressive variety means you won’t be stuck looking for what you need and you won’t need to settle for buying an expensive item without catalogue credit. Some of the most popular items to buy using a credit catalogue are clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture and presents.


When Can Credit Catalogues Be Used?

There are no limitations as to when a credit catalogue can be used, which is great news if you’re a frequent shopper. You won’t find yourself having to wait for a specific date or time of year to enjoy the benefits of catalogue credit. However, Christmas remains to be one of the busiest times of year for credit catalogues. This is because Christmas is costly and a lot of presents need to be bought, which can cost a lot more than your monthly budget allows. Of course, nobody wants to compromise by buying less presents and so credit catalogues are heavily relied upon. Instead of buying less or cutting down on the number of people you’re buying for, a credit catalogue allows you to buy everything you need and pay the total cost later.


Though Christmas is a busy time for credit catalogues, it isn’t the only time of year that people use them. Credit catalogues are used throughout the year for a range of different reasons. This includes to buy birthday presents, to revamp a wardrobe and to decorate a home. In fact, a lot of parents use catalogue credit to ensure their children have everything they need such as school uniforms, craft activities and toys. A lot of shoppers choose to do all of their shopping using catalogue credit, just to keep things affordable and simple. By doing so, it’s possible to pay smaller amounts frequently and to avoid paying larger amounts completely.


Who Can Use a Bad Credit Catalogue?

It’s important not to assume that credit catalogues are aimed at those who have a good credit rating, as this isn’t the case. Bad credit catalogues have been specifically created with those with low credit scores in mind. Even if you have been turned down for a loan or credit card in the past, this is unlikely to affect whether or not you are able to use a bad credit catalogue. This is why we are big proponents of using a bad credit catalogue, as they are inclusive of everyone. There’s no need to assume you won’t be able to enjoy using a bad credit catalogue.


Regardless of your credit rating or income, you will be able to shop using catalogue credit. After all, it’s often those with a lower credit score that need the help of a bad credit catalogue. There are a number of reasons as to why you may not have the best credit score, but that shouldn’t hold you back. Whether you’ve struggled to make repayments in the past or you have no experience with using credit, a bad credit catalogue will look beyond that. When you sign up to a credit catalogue, there’s no judgement on whether or not you have a credit score to be proud of.


Signing Up to a Credit Catalogue in the UK

If you’re considering signing up to a credit catalogue in the UK, you will appreciate just how easy everything is. From signing up to placing your first order, everything is quick and easy. Shopping using a credit catalogue is very similar to standard ways of shopping, but there’s the benefit of paying at a later date. Before you place your order, you will have a variety of payment options; this will include paying in monthly installments over a set period of time. Then, all you need to do is set back and wait for everything to arrive. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the benefit of using a free delivery coupon or a money off voucher. When you sign up to a bad credit catalogue always look out for other ways to save money, such as 20% off incentives.


If you’re looking for a way to buy now and pay later, look no further than a credit catalogue. With a range of credit catalogues to choose from and a lot of catalogue credit to use, it really does make shopping extremely affordable.

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