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It is not everyday that you are given the opportunity to get on top of your spending with a massive £2500 credit limit, especially if you are one of the unfortunate folk who have had bad credit issues un the past.  At Catalogue Credit we have found a way around the red tape that stops so many of us in our tracks when it comes to applying for bad credit catalogues or bad credit mobile phones. In fact, if you apply for a bad credit catalogue with Catalogue Credit you are also guaranteed a mobile phone contract as well, should you want one.

Get the most out of your Catalogue Credit

The beauty of signing up with Catalogue Credit is that we will never carry out an unnecessary credit check, as that will only tell us that you have had credit issues in the past, and all we are interested in in is your ability to keep up with your repayments now.  Who needs to know that you couldn’t pay a bill six years ago? The entire credit monitoring system is very flawed and once you get stuck in its web it is very hard to get out of… until now!

All of the bad credit catalogues at Catalogue Credit are exactly the same as the regular instant credit catalogues that you will find on the internet and on TV, you are not signing up to some unknown names with odd brands and bad quality items.  Just take a look below at the well know names that you will find when joining Catalogue Credit.

  • JD Williams
  • Fashion World
  • Look Again
  • Grattan
  • Next
  • Very
  • Simply Be

These bad credit catalogues are also known as instant credit catalogues but when you apply for them through us at Catalogue Credit, we bridge the gap for you, and they will have no need to carry out a credit check on you like they would if you applied for them directly.  That is the beauty of Catalogue Credit and this is how more and more people just like you are beginning to realise that having bad credit does not have to hold them back anymore.   


Having a bad credit history can hold you back for many years, but as soon as you start gaining even a small amount of credit, your credit score will start to improve very quickly.  It is quite easy to stay in the bad credit bubble, too scared to apply for credit for fear of rejection, to know that a rejection will leave a negative footprint on your file, making it even longer for your file to clean itself up, so you remain in a no man’s land of not applying for credit and not making your credit score any better either.  Apply for your Catalogue Credit and perhaps today is the day things start to change for the better!

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