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f a first order discount of 30% and free delivery was not enough, then how about up to £2,500 credit and the guarantee of a no credit check ever? That’s what Catalogue Credit can promise, whatever your credit history we never need to carry to a credit search, and we can accept all applications from anyone over the age of 18 with a UK bank account.  The bad credit catalogues below are just a small selection from Catalogue Credit that you are able to order from once accepted.

  • Simply Be
  • Next
  • JD Williams
  • Look Again

Treat yourself with a new wardrobe in the Autumn sales with Catalogue Credit

A bad credit catalogue can give you the spending power you need without the stress of having to save up in advance to be able to grab bargains when they come along.  With a bad credit catalogues you will be amazed at the quality of the sales that are often found in your inbox, along with some fantastic bonus codes to give you even extra savings. With the last of the summer days you can now look forward to the end of season sales where the bad credit catalogues are getting ready to start the Autumn trends and put their Summer stock on sale.  You can find some absolute bargains, especially if you are lucky enough to have a last minute get away to the sun, you can fill your suitcase for no cost at all.  

With a new personal account from Catalogue Credit you can look forward to adding to your wardrobe with some classic pieces to update your Autumn collection with perhaps some cosy woollen knits or a lovely pair of warm winter boots.  Use your bonus discount codes wisely and you will find your savings will go a long way with a bad credit catalogue. All this with the promise of an interest free period and plenty of time to pay off your balance.


A bad credit catalogue is not only a great way of spreading the cost of a much wanted purchase it will also help a damaged credit file no end.  It is not very well known, but unless you are offered credit your credit file will never start to heal, you need credit to get credit, and as unfair as that seems, that is how it works.  This is why Catalogue Credit will take your repayments directly from your debit card as this guarantees that payments are made and bypasses the need for a credit check.

If you want a quick answer and a personal account with £2,500 credit limit today, then apply to Catalogue Credit for a fast reply and start ordering in minutes.


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