£2,500 to spend with Catalogue Credit

Bad credit catalogue

Just because it is September and the leaves are starting to turn, doesn’t mean that the Summer is completely over, now is the time to make the most of the late summer bargains that are on offer in the bad credit catalogues with Catalogue Credit and the fantastic £2,500 credit limit you can have in as little as 10 minutes with a guaranteed acceptance.  It is no secret that Catalogue Credit have found a way to bypass the dreaded credit search that can leave so many rejections littering a credit file, making it very hard to get even the smallest amount of credit. In fact Catalogue Credit are shouting it quite loudly, and with a massive £2,500 credit limit to boot!

Make the most of the late summer sun with Catalogue Credit

All you need for this is the means to repay your monthly statements, you do not have to be in full time employment, at Catalogue Credit we take benefits into consideration as well.  You will need a UK bank account and you need to be over 18 and with a traceable UK address. It is as simple as that. Because we take your monthly payments directly from your debit card, we are guaranteed that you will not fall behind on your payments and this is how we are able to bypass the credit search and offer you bad credit catalogues.

Not only can you find some fantastic bargains for your late summer wardrobe, your bad credit catalogues are also crammed full of home and garden steals too.  It is often at this time of year when the garden is being tided up that you can grab your equipment or even plants ready for next year at fantastic prices or you can give your home a makeover ready for the oncoming winter season.  The bad credit catalogue sales are certainly not to be sniffed at, there are some unbelievable savings to be made giving your £2,500 credit limit a massive boost of up to 50% at times. 


For anything home related get shopping now and you will be scooping up bargains that you never thought were possible from home shopping with bad credit catalogues. Catalogue Credit can be the answer your have been searching for without giving your credit file yet another bashing. Remember we never carry out a credit search and within a short space of time your credit score will actually start to improve. You will have a cloud of security knowing that should an emergency arise you can turn to your bad credit catalogue you will be able to buy a new washing machine or a laptop when in the past you would have waited months to save up.


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