£2,500 credit limit plus a bad credit phone contract

Catalogue credit

Stop letting your bad credit file dictate how you spend your money.  Long gone are the days where a bad credit file has to hold you back to years on end. At Catalogue Credit we can guarantee you not only access to bad credit catalogues with a £2,500 spend limit, we can also point you in the right direction for a bad credit mobile phone contract at the same time.   All this without the need for a credit check, so we won’t be putting any negative footprints on your already damaged credit file.    


Catalogue credit and a phone contract for bad credit

At Catalogue Credit, we understand how a bad credit report can hold you back for years until you start getting credit again, and this is why the bad credit catalogues can actually begin to heal your file instead of making it worse.  Once you are shown to be a responsible lender again, with your repayments being made on time, it is quite surprising just how quickly your credit file will begin to start looking rosy again. At Catalogue Credit the entire process of applying could not be any simpler, all we need is you details and your debit card so that we are able to take your repayments directly, this is how we are able to bypass the credit check.  As long as you have a UK bank account then there is no doubt you will be accepted.

You can start to order from your bad credit catalogues as soon as your personal account has been opened and then you can enjoy all the benefits that any regular catalogue has to offer:

  • Next day delivery
  • 24 hour ordering 
  • Free and easy returns
  • Try before you buy
  • Interest free for up to 4 months
  • Spread your payments
  • Fantastic flash sales and discount codes
  • Exclusive online collections 

Once you have your bad credit catalogue from Catalogue Credit you will wonder how you ever managed without it, when you consider the time you will save shopping from home and spending the time with family and friends that used to be spent traipsing around busy shopping centres and crowded High Streets.  Now you can be relaxing and enjoying the important things in life knowing that at the same time you are helping to fix your credit file by making regular repayments on schedule. 

Once accepted with Catalogue Credit you can also kiss goodbye to your old and outdated pay as you go phone if you want, as we can even offer you a brand new Smart phone on a bad credit mobile contract from our sister company Accepted mobile, once again, without the need for a credit check.  Get applying for your bad credit catalogue today and turn over a new leaf in your credit file.


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