Great reasons for an instant credit catalogue

Thumbs up to a Bad Credit Catalogue

If you likemany others are considering an instant credit catalogue, here are some of thebest reasons to go ahead and find your perfect match today.


With an instant credit catalogue, you can make orders and payments 24 hours a day with the safeand secure online apps.  With your personal instant credit catalogue account, you are able to see your account balance, track any orders, make returns all from one easy to use website orphone app.

Easy Access To instant Credit Catalogues

With an instant credit catalogue, you may find that they have affiliate catalogues that you can also order from using the same account, with the same payment and delivery options.

Interest Free Period

All instant credit catalogues have an interest free period, this is usually up to four months.  If you pay your account in full within this time you will never be charged any interest on your purchases.

Quick Delivery

With an instant credit catalogue, you have the options of Next Day delivery, Stated Day delivery or the Standard 3 to 5 Day Delivery. Apart from Freemans and Grattan, all the other instant credit catalogues will have a delivery charge, but with a yearly Delivery Plan for less than £10 a year you can opt to choose this and save money against numerous deliveries.

Click and Collect

The Click and collect option for delivery is great if you are not likely to be home when your packages arrive.  You are able to collect from your nearest Hermes Click and Collect point, situated in local shops for added convenience.  In a lot of cases the Click and Collect option is free.

Free Returns

With all instant credit catalogues the return system is free within 14 days. You can use your personal account to arrange returns at your convenience, through homecourier or the Click and Collect system.

Try before you buy

The beauty of an instant credit catalogue is that you can try your purchases at home for fit or to make sure they fit with your personal accessories before you decide to keep or return.  The purchase is not added to your account until 30 days from delivery.

Competitive prices

An instant credit catalogue is just as competitive with the High Street in their pricingand you will find the same kind of offers, Buy One Get One Free, 3 for 2 and multipacks.

Quality Brands

You will findthe same well known Brands in the pages of an instant credit catalogue that you would find in any Shopping centre throughout the UK, and you will also findthat many of the Designers have online only collections, that will never befound in the High Street.

Bonus Discounts

With aninstant credit catalogue, you will often find that you are emailed bonus discounts on new lines, or flash clearance events to enable you to save evenmore money.

Increasing Spend Limits

As you keep your account in good working order and your statements are paid in time you will find your spend limit will increase very quickly allowing you to purchase more expensive items without the need for a further credit check.

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